Monday, June 20, 2011

Yodelling Yokels (June 1931)

The cartoon starts off with Bosko yodelling in the mountains, playing the accordian. After a walk he yodells at Honey, who yodells back andcomes out to play. Bosko is high on a cliff and slides down a very tall tree. When he lands, he and Honey end up on some improvised skis and Honey f herself in trouble floating down the ice on a river. Bosko and his dog manage to save her before she goes off the waterfall. There is alsoa mouse in Honey's house putting into a wedge of Swiss cheese with a piece of spaghetti.

Notable gags

  • There are 3 bears(I think bears, thet have Mickey Mouse ears
  • Bosko shoots an owl that laughs at him and laughs hysterically
  • Bosko's trip down the tree is filled w8th painful encounters with branches
  • Honey turns into a huge rolling snowball
  • The dog's teeth stretch out to save Honey


This is not a great cartoon, but it does have a couple of things going for it. The first is avoiding the "everything is an instrument" standard that the Looney Tunes were getting away from. It may not actually be a plot, but this cartoon does have something happen. The spot gags here are more slap-stick than the early Looney Tunes. I have to admit that Bosko's long ride down the tree made me giggle, even if it was broad. The clever bit here was the timing of the branches. The last set was just a little bit longer than expected.

The other plus for this cartoon is the absolutely random and unexplained mouse playing golf. I can't say that it works completely, but it's a start. Overall this is a missable and forgettable cartoon.