Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dumb Patrol (April 1931)

The first war cartoon from Warner Bros. Bosko and his pet plane are attacked by a very surprisingly non-stereotypical German. After his plane is destroyed he finds himself with a French Honey and a fully functional piano. His singing and dancing with Honey is interrupted and he builds a plane out a Dachshund and a broom. Bosko then defeats the bad guy and laughs.

Notable Gags:
  • Bosko's plane flaps its wings and "swims" to fly
  • As soon as Bosko lands his clothes come back
  • French Honey apparently has a hard time understanding French
  • The old U pipe to return bullets gag
  • The bad guys plane is blown into hundreds of tiny planes that Bosko disposes of with bug spray
This cartoon was again a little disappointing It's comforting to know that the Warners people will eventually make better use out of wartime material. Even Bosko the Doughboy is more entertaining. There really just weren't enough gags. I think the most creative one here is the U-Pipe gag so famous in my mind due to Spaceballs. Also I do have to admit that Honey not understanding French put me in mind of Holy Grail. Even so, I can see the changes happening in how the Termite Terrace (That might be anachronistic) people are approaching cartoons. It is getting better. I know I complain a lot about the general lack of quality in these early cartoons, and I stand by that, but I do have to admit it's getting better.


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