Friday, September 23, 2011

Bosko's Holiday (July 1931)

Bosko and his alarm are asleep and the phone is ringing so it is trying to wake them up.  The alarm wakes up and tries to get Bosko up with difficulty.
Bosko answers the phone and its Honey, who wants to go on a picnic.  Bokso whistles for his car and then winds it up.  He sings while he drives, his hands are never n the wheel.  This isn't so bad because he is using a real musical instrument.  His hood ornament mouse doesn't much care for his tail being used to replace a string though.  Honey's dog bites the tire and Bosko has to tie it up.  They flirt a little until Bosko whispers smething that is appearently very inappropriate and Honey won't talk to him.  He gets her back by chewing with his mouth open and the the dog gooses her and she leaves.

Notable Gags:
The car has little kids that follow Bosko for a while
The mouse hood ornament is alive
Not really much else

Come quickly Porky!  I have to admit that I am getting tired of Bosko and that is one reason(other than being lazy) that has kept me from posting.  This cartoon has little going for it.  It is not full of gags, nor does it have a compelling or funny plot.  If you never see this one, don't feel bad about yourself.  That is really the most I can say about it.  Next post in a few minutes.

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