Friday, September 23, 2011

The Tree's Knees (Aug 1931)

Bosko goes to cut down a tree, which reacts in fear. So he does the only logical thing, play the harmonica.  He then chases a small tree around and pulls off his bark.  He then comes on a tree that is rocking a bird's nest while the bird sings. Warner Bros must own rock-a-bye baby.  After deciding he no longer needs lumber, Bosko chases a butterfly and then plays some saplings like a harp.  Some mice play with a saw and they fall into a small puddle.  Bosko saves them.  They then turn themselves into a record payer.

Notable Gags:
I give up - there really aren't any and I'm tired of reaching for them

This cartoon returns to the improvised musical instrument  series of gags that we saw in cartoons like Congo Jazz.  It is a step backward and therefore soubly disappointing.   It doesn't even have the benefit of having fresh gags.  It has all been seen before.  This is another one to skip if you watch these for anything other than historical curiosity.

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