Friday, September 23, 2011

Smile, Darn Ya Smile (Sept 5, 1931)

Foxy is a cable car conductor singing the title song (which to me comes from Roger Rabbit).  There is a rather large hippo that has much trouble getting on.  Foxy is forced to let some air out of her, which she does not appreciate.  Foxy has an enconter with cow and some hobos sing the title song to tell him to get ovr it.  He can't get her to move, so he jumps under her.  He is thrown from the trolley and his girlfriend is trapped on the out of control trolley.  They are then trapped in an old Bosko cartoon*(reused animation).  Foxy wakes up and it was all a dream.

Notable Gags:
Foxy puls his cat's tail to ring the Trolley bell
Foxy deflates the hippo because she won't fit on the trolley
The Trolley wheels run off without the rest of the car
The billboards come to life
Foxy jumps under, not over the cow

This cartoon actually has a little potential.  It's still very weak, but it has a plot of sorts.  The singing is much more in line with a musical rather than random seeming.  There isn't a whole lot that is funny, though I have to admit that I was impressed with the jumping under the cow gag.  I can see why this one was put on the Golden Collection DVDs.

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