Saturday, September 24, 2011

One More Time (Oct. 3, 1931)

Foxy is a cop walking his beat.  The fat hippo is driving here luxury car and is annoyed by a small mouse in a little car.  She runs down Foxy and he chases after her.  She stops and he sings One More Fine to her.  She cries trying to get out of it and he puts a trash can on her head to stop her.  He meets up with his girlfriend and her dog.  They dance around to the title song and then someone gets robbed and Foxy chases after the crook.  Sme other police chase after the crooks and get blown up with a grenade.  The bad guys grab Foxy's girlfriend and he gets her back with a mechanical horse.  He then trickes hem into driving into the jail.
Notable Gags:

  • Foxy's gun has a mouse with a mallet on an extendable arm that hist a crominal on the head
  • The hippo has mice with trumpets for a horn
  • The hippo gets over the mouse's car with extendable tires. Go Go Gadget style
  • Foxy sharpens his pencil on the hippo's mouse hood ornament
  • Foxy uses the dog as a player piano
  • The police have a cat that they use for a siren
I liked this cartoon. It looks as though the Merrie Melodies are going to hit a stride well before the Looney Tunes. There is plenty of random silliness, especially around the necessity of promoting the song, but a cop in patrol is still more of a plot than we've seen so far. Too mch happens for this to be a truly good cartoon. The crime and chase at the end are a little too separated from the rest of the story. Many of the gags were clever, and it was a nice change to have some to include in this post. If I were creating a list of Warner Cartoons that everyone should see at lease once (and I will do that at some point) I would definitely put this cartoon on it.

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