Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bosko Shipwrecked (Sept. 19, 1931)

We start off with Bosko on a ship in a storm.  There is an old man with him but it is unclear who he is supposed to be.  Bosko washes up on a island by himself.  Some monkeys find him and steal his hat.  the drop an egg on him and he wakes up.  There is a parrot who loves puns.  Then a lion shows up and chases Bosko around the island.  The lion eventually is tricked into jumping into an aligator's mouth.  Bosko finds a boat and then runs into some natives who are canibals.  The king orders him boiled but Bosko pulls a pop gun on them.  He then escapes on the back of a hippo.

This artoon is terrible.  The storm scene lasts way too long and obviously repeats whole segments to make it that way.  Other than that, there isn't much else to say than what is in the summary.  That's all that happens and it isn't very funny or interesting.  I was really hoping for more out of this one because the title offer so much room for real plot.  Even a lame Robinson Crusoe rip off would have been OK.  This one loses for not living up to what little potential it had.

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