Friday, September 23, 2011

Lady Play Your Mandolin! (Sept. 1931)

Our first Merrie Melodie.

The setting is a bar and the initial focus is on the gorilla waiter, who is scary on many levels.  There is much chaos, till we are introduced to Foxy(who looks nothing like THAT mouse).  Everyone loves Foxy.  The entertainment comes on and this is what Foxy is waiting for.  It is a girl fox who sings the title song.  Foxy's horse tries to make his way into the bar, gets a bottle broken over his head and is instantly drunk.  This can happen, it happend to my Uncle Freddy twice last Flag Day.  The horse drinks a lot more and becomes the life of the party, until he catches fire.

Notable  Gags:
Foxy ties his horse by the neck to a cactus
The hat rack takes Foxy;s coat and hat like a butler

It's noce to have a break from Bosko and I like that there were no improvised instruments.  But this cartoon is just chaos.  I guess it was somewhat funny at the tail end of Prrohibition.  It was much more of a primitive music video than a cartoon.  The onl.y food thing about it really is that it brings some relief to the monotany of a one star series.

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